1) 24hrs activation hotline

- Rotation system of duty personnel to ensure someone always tending the line

- Attendance within 1 hour upon activation for urgent cases¹ ².

2) Readiness of spares for urgent repairs³

- Ensure minimum downtime to essential services

3) Dedicated investigation team

- Ensure accurate diagnostic of issues

- Protocol for holistic assessment

- Vetting of all on-site reports

4) Emphasis on customer accountability

- Swift updating on cases to ensure customers are adequately timely informed of matters pertaining to their pump systems

- Esure customers make well-informed decisions

5) Customised services to suit the specific needs of various estates

6) Systemic archive of reports and on site picutres

- Swift extraction of records for better accountability

- Timely providing of photos upon request (before and after)

¹Subject to assessment on urgency level.
²Fees applicable for all services rendered by company; Urgent case must be related to pumps systems; company will still charge attendance for unrelated cases.
³Applicable for standard system components; not applicable for customised or proprietary items.